रोमानियामा बैदेशिक रोजगारको सुवर्ण अवसर।मासिक तलव रु ६४,४९९ देखी ७०,३६२ सम्म हुने।लागत जम्मा ४०,०००


Romania offers foreign employment opportunities for Nepalese. An official statement about the open job vacancies at Workpower SRL is given below. Currently, construction workers, hospitality workers, and general workers are available. The company will pay good wages for the mentioned positions. The company has been employing Nepalese workers for a long time. Many people seek employment with this company because they offer quality guidelines. There is a lot to learn at this company.

These leaders value the individual contributions of their employees. The company management is committed to removing obstacles from employees’ paths and to motivating them as well as encouraging them to work in unity/teams. It is possible to work overtime as per the employment company’s regulations & rules. Candidates work 8 hours a day every single day. This position is available six days per week.

An employee’s annual leave is determined by the rules of his or her employer. You will receive the proper accommodation, meals, and other food from the company. There is a 2-year contract. The experience of candidates in a specific field is desirable/an advantage. Positive attitudes are required, as well as enthusiasm & energy. Candidates should pay attention to every detail of the work. To obtain all the information concerning the work, please call the number provided below.The Department of Foreign Labor provides the following information:

Your deposit should be made after you have received a personal visa from the company. Collect the voucher as soon as possible
here are Nepalese diplomatic offices in the countries where you are employed or will be employed. Make sure to note their contact information. You can easily contact them when necessary.Don’t give more than the amount listed on the document.You must go through orientation before you can work abroad
For employment abroad, please make sure you carefully research the country, the company, and the perks you will receive before traveling.

You should only sign the agreement once you have read it carefully. Make sure you have a copy of this document on hand.When traveling abroad, it is best to use the Nepali airport rather than other airports, since there are chances of being conned otherwise
Please contact the Department of Foreign Labor, Tahachal if you have any questions about this ad

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