खुशिको खबर:अमेरिकाले माग्यो २२ हजार Working Visa यसरी Apply गर्नुहोस


नेपाली लाई सुनौलो अवसर:अमेरिकाले माग्यो २२ हजार Working Visa को लागि आवेदन The department of homeland security and department of labor has jointly announced 22000 Working Visa for USA. This H-2B workers visa is for the American

business.There is vacancy for Nepali citizens in American Army. So, complete the online form just now. Due to Coronavirus the first phase selection is in online mode. The companies in United States of America are

going to call for 22 thousand nonimmigrant visa in the business sectors. However, these companies have to prove that it is not possible to fulfill these post with the existing manpower of USA. The increased twenty-two thousand visa is for the fiscal year 2021

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